Personal Training

We offer a full range of personal training services from our personal trainers:

John Williams Personal Trainer


I have been involved in different varieties of sport spanning over twenty years.
Examples of these include playng football for a decent local side, and at a semi-professional level in Australia for Morley City in Western Australia.
Competed at Taekwondo for five years for Stoke UTA and Perth Western Australia.
Competed in boxing at white collar level for charity.
I have made the gym a big part of my everyday life and been involved in fitness/weight training for over twelve years.

I have now started to compete in Strong Man.

Jodie Collis Personal Trainer

Hello!! Firstly, one thing you need to know about me is that you will always hear me before you see me haha! I been a fitness fanatic since I was ten years old and have exercised ever since. My background involves having ten years of experience with Korean Freestyle Martial Arts and becoming a Second Dan Black Belt in freestyle martial arts and am a qualified Judge and Referee.  From here my fitness life involved either training at the gym, circuit training or running. I previously completed Half Marathons and 10k runs on a monthly basis as well as events such as Tough Mudder and X-Runner.

My main love is Crossfit, which i train for daily as well as competing regularly in local and worldwide competitions and have competed at the European Championships. Follow my training page-

My most recent love is football, i have never watched it, played it, understood it or been interested in it, until at the beginning of the year i was asked to play a charity game. I now LOVE IT and play for The Staffordshire Victoria Ladies team. Follow our instagram –

MY JOB-My work life has many roles from both teaching and designing classes and fitness plans, as well as Personal Training, coaching and motivating people to complete fitness events and challenges . Then we have the other side of social media, cleaning and running a business .  I LOVE my classes and I like to think my passion shows from the amount of whooping and cheering I do to encourage everyone!


Our Personal Training is tailored to meet your goals and needs with a programme specifically designed to get you achieving them. Personal Training can be done in small groups, twos or on your own, what ever your preference, just send us a message and we will help you achieve your goals!  Each session will be different to keep you and your body guessing with regular checks on where you are in relation to your goals from any mix of the below:

Fitness testing.

One rep max testing

Body fat and muscle measuring.

Body measurements.


Our 8-12 week group challenges are designed to push you achieve your goals.

8 week fat loss challenge

12 week muscle build challenge

8-12 week strength challenge

8-12 week fitness challenge