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The beginning state or starting point.

A starting point or base for an activity.

The central point in an area of fast change or intense activity.


We did our very first Circuit Class on 2nd January 2017 and within one year we have come a very long way, from renting room from Radway Green Sports and Social Club to then having our own boutique for fitness classes and personal training to now having our very own gym!



We opened the gym Saturday 6th January 2018 after spending a couple of weeks playing demolition man! With the help of our amazing, friends, family and clients we managed to open in time and were very happy with the progress we made. We are now continuing with improving the gym to get it how we and our clients envision it. We are big fans of Power Gym Fitness and have many machines from them including the Hack Squat, a popular machine within the gym!


£4     –  Single Pass for Gym and/ or Classes

£25   –  Gym only rolling 1 month contract

£30   –  10 Passes for Gym and/ or Classes

£35   –  Unlimited Classes and Gym use rolling 1 month contract



We have two types of circuit classes, we have our Ground Zero Circuit and our Ground Zero HIIT Circuit. Both are interval circuits that comprise of a variety of stations, the exercises at these stations are adapted  depending on whether the class is HIIT Circuit or normal Circuit and the working and recovery period times are adapted also. The HIIT Circuit is perfect for fat burn and will be over in 30 minutes, whilst the normal Circuit is perfect for muscle building with some cardiovascular exercises, this lasts 45 minutes and is sometimes done with a partner.



All our classes are lead by friendly and welcoming instructors who are available to help you throughout. We have a variety of classes chosen especially to cover all goals, aims and abilities.

The classes best for BEGINNERS would be Indoor Cycling (known by its trademark name as ‘spin’), Boxercise, normal Circuit, Pilates, Mens/Womens Weights and Ab’s, this is because you can choose your own pace in each of these classes and the instructors are able to give more in depth help and monitor and advise on your form and technique.

The classes best for INTERMEDIATE AND EXPERIENCED EXERCISERS are all classes (yes that’s right!), all classes can be adapted to achieve your goals and targets and can be made harder/easier if needed.

The classes best for FAT BURN would be Indoor Cycling, Boxercise , Kickboxercise, HIIT Circuit and Metafit. Indoor Cycling is 40 minutes of non stop cardiovascular exercise in the dark with amazing music and laser/disco lights, both our instructors have a very different approach to their class which makes it fun and stops your from becoming bored, so be sure to try both!  Metafit and HIIT Circuit are High Intensity Interval Training classes which due to the all out effort put into each exercise and the short rest, an oxygen deprivation is created so the body has to work harder for up to 24 hours after to replenish it, speeding up the metabolism due to the body working harder!

The classes best for MUSCLE BUILDING would be Ab’s, Mens/Womens Weights and normal Circuit. The Circuit uses heavier weights than the other classes and the Weights classes work 1-2 muscles groups per session with the heaviest weights use.

The classes best for TONING would be Pump and Kettlecise, these classes use light weights with lots of repetitions.

*Please note that most classes will be good for more than one category, for example Kickboxercise will be good for body toning, cardiovascular workout and fat loss. For further information please contact us.


Ground Zero Fitness is a place to accommodate all levels of fitness from all walks of life, we pride ourselves on making a difference in people’s everyday lives through exercise/ fitness.

Ground Zero Fitness is also a place to meet different people who also have the same interests and goals, exercise can feel like a chore, let’s make exercise fun with Ground Zero fitness.